Breaking the Monolith: Embracing Microservices

Some time back, we organized an online webinar on the topic of microservices called Breaking the Monolith: Embracing the Microservices Architecture.

Daniel Gutiérrez Saavedra, one of our Engineering Leads at Zartis, explains how to migrate to microservices. In this session, we covered topics such as:

→ how to move away from a monolith structure to the creation of a public or private API;
→ how to decouple your services;
→ how to develop this with an eye to minimizing maintenance needs;
→ strategies for the migration process.

Here is a summary of why we think you should opt in for microservices & when not to!

You can get the 1-hour webinar session sent to your email now:

Enjoy the session and feel free to reach out and let us know what you think!

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